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January 13, 2015


BodiTrak Sports & V1 Sports Partnership Announcement


BodiTrak Sports is pleased to announce a partnership with Interactive Frontiers, the developers of V1 Sports. BodiTrak Golf System data will now be integrated into all V1 Pro HD licenses. BodiTrak and V1 will combine efforts, continuing to expand offerings and elevated consumer experiences.


V1 Sports is the #1 video analysis software in sports, and like BodiTrak, is dedicated to both enhancing its user experience and expanding its position as a knowledge center for sports analysis. The partnership will further assist golfers to quickly modify their swing and maximize performance.


‘BodiTrak and V1 together will take analysis and instruction in golf to a whole new level. Both companies are experts in their field – not just on how to present swing data, but how to use it. This will be a real game-changer for instructors’. 

– PGA Tour Coach Scott Hamilton


The partnership is uniquely positioned to bring elite analysis tools and thought leadership to golfers around the world.


BodiTrak Sports would like to thank the V1 team for its collaborative efforts. We look forward to working together as we help our customers expand their insight on sports performance.


The BodiTrak-V1 Sports partnership will be launched at the 2015 PGA Show in Orlando, FL. For more information please contact John Thorp at the details below.



About BodiTrak Sports: BodiTrak Sports is a leading-edge athletic equipment company. We seek to empower athletes with new ways of collecting and analyzing data to improve their results. BodiTrak Sports uses patented smart fabric technology and custom software to analyze activity data and provide insight in real time.


The BodiTrak Golf System is the first portable mat to record balance distribution information and Center of Pressure (“CoP”) during the golf swing. Using patented smart fabric technology and proprietary software, BodiTrak is finally bringing real-time balance & pressure data – the ‘next pillar of instruction’, to golf in an attainable way.


About V1 Sports: V1 Sports is a sports motion analysis and digital media technology company specializing in the development of video analysis software and advertising vehicles for online and mobile device applications.

Founded in 1995, V1 Sports is a leader in software development and online and mobile applications for the sports training industry. Its V1 Pro Digital Coaching System is the #1 Video Analysis Software in Sports and its V1 Sports apps enjoy worldwide leadership by consumers as the #1 Sports App for Game Improvement. V1 Pro software is used by many of the most respected coaches, instructors, athletes and training facilities around the world.