Jan 16, 2019 | Insights SMP, SMP

Over the last 18 months, we have seen growth and expansion into the sports performance, rehabilitation, and wellness world (learn more). Our customers are using insight from force & pressure data to not only elevate athletic performance, but also elevate patient rehabilitation outcomes.

To continue our mission to make the best portable force plate possible, we needed to provide a cover option that is more suitable for use in the gym and clinic environment. Responding to customer feedback, we are pleased to announce a partnership with NABOSOTM Barefoot Technology, a leader in performance surface technology.

Our BODITRAK Vector Plate is now available with a NABOSO cover.

The NABOSOTM (meaning “barefoot” in Czech) mat cover is a non-slip, latex-free rubber surface that allows for easy cleaning between athletes/clients/patients. Further, a raised diamond pattern was specifically designed to interact with the mechanoreceptors on the bottom of the foot. This helps control dynamic posture, transfer of force from ground into feet, and improves the communication between our feet and the ground.

We are extremely excited to announce this union between industry-leading companies in the health and performance world.


Which BODITRAK products is this available for:

our Vector Plate model.

Can I upgrade my existing Vector Plate to NABOSO:

Please contact us regarding this.

When is the NABOSO product option available?

We will commencing Naboso shipments in February 2019.

Can it only be used for barefoot applications?

No, the product works equally well shoes on or off. However only when used barefoot will your clients benefit from the impact of the NABOSO technology on proprioception.

Where can I learn more about NABOSO?

Please visit their website, and select your industry to learn more about benefits by industry.

Will you be offering any education opportunities regarding barefoot/NABOSO use?

Yes. Please stay tuned for joint webinar and video content to help you make the most of your system.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.