Dr. Adam Halseth is a specialist in Physical Therapy based in South Dakota.  He joined Dr. Josh Satterlee on the Clinic Gym radio podcast to discuss how BodiTrak has influenced how he treats and progresses athletes recovering from injury.  You can listen to the show in the player above or via any of the links below.  We’ve also provided a brief show outline and highlighted some key talking points.

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How Dr. Halseth Was Introduced to BodiTrak (4:40)

  • Dr. Halseth shares how he was introduced to BodiTrak and how he justified the investment to his employer by demonstrating how it could benefit their diagnostics AND their bottom line. 

“So if you had a person coming through RTP and you asked them to squat, they could trick you with a pretty good squat, but you might see that there is only 32% of pressure on the affected leg.”  – Dr. Josh Satterlee


“And that happens all the time.  You can’t hide it.  Their squat can LOOK symmetric, but they might be 70/30.” – Dr. Adam Halseth


Jump Height vs Rate of Force Production, Symmetry, Reactive Strength Index (25:00)

“You can [evaluate jump height with a tape measure], but you don’t get everything else.  You can’t see how they’re doing it…. If I have an athlete that is recovering from an ankle sprain and they jump 30″, but 80% of their force is coming from their unaffected leg, I know we have room for improvement.” – Dr. Adam Halseth


The Impact of Force and Pressure Data on RTP (9:00)

  • Dr. Satterlee and Dr. Halseth share why force and pressure data matters to medical professionals and how this technology will impact the industry.

“It’s like the Rosetta Stone of movement analysis.” – Dr. Satterlee 


Benefits of BodiTrak: How Dr. Halseth Sold His Employer on BodiTrak (10:30) 

  • Implementing biofeedback to teach a more symmetric squat.
  • Improving recovery times with sprains and strains because he can load the athlete earlier and more efficiently.
  • A lightbulb moment for Dr. Halseth was understanding how he could use BodiTrak data to create more robust RTP benchmarks for his clients.  He outlined this in an article we published last year.   
  • “[The client’s] power was similar, but pattern was completely different.”

“I’m not changing any protocols, but instead of jumping off the ground they are jumping off the mat.” – Dr. Halseth

  • “When the athlete sees the data, the light bulb goes off in their head.  They know they have more work to do.”
  • “I can take the BodiTrak to a soccer field.  It’s portable and completely dummy proof.”



Working with BodiTrak to Assess Upper Extremities (17:50) 



Introducing ALTO (29:15)