Dr. Mackay: Evaluating Posture and Identifying Imbalances on BodiTrak

Oct 24, 2018 | Insights, SMP

Dr. Peter Mackay is a chiropractor and founding member of Titleist Performance Institute’s advisory board.  He runs Elite Performance Institute out of San Diego, specializing in working with professional athletes from the PGA Tour, LPGA Tour, NHL, NFL and ATP.

Dr. Mackay recently filmed two videos demonstrating how he’s able to use BodiTrak to identify postural imbalances in rotational athletes.

The client in the first video is a right-handed tennis player who presents with a 60/40 imbalance in vertical force favoring his left side.  Dr. Mackay is able to associate this with tightness in the right hip flexor by performing a simple screen in the quadruped position.

Postural imbalances are common in rotational athletes as the action of loading and exploding from the “back lag” can create an overactive hip flexors which cause the athlete to favor the “opposite side” in a standing position.

Here’s Dr. Mackay evaluating a left-handed hockey player (rotates the opposite direction of the tennis player for slap shot).  You’ll notice that this athlete (who primarily loads into his left leg) favors his right side in standing posture on BodiTrak.

Correcting postural imbalances like these are usually fairly simple, but identifying and objectifying can be a challenge.  Thanks to Dr. Mackay for showing how BodiTrak can help!