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This week, we are excited to push the second iteration of our Golf Ground Mechanics certification live. Over the last year, we filmed and edited new content based on the latest research from Dr. Sasho MacKenzie, popular applications of force and pressure in golf instruction and feedback from the BodiTrak community.

Rather than introduce a GGM Level 2, our approach to certification is to constantly update and evolve the content – responding to feedback from our Active Certifieds and our work with lead advisors Mark Blackburn and Dr. Sasho MacKenzie. Think of GGM like a living document: Though the concepts won’t change, the content will constantly be refreshed.

What’s new:


  • Short game section
  • Example Drills & Lessons section
  • New content for:
    • CoP Trace Classification
    • The Linear Trace
    • Early Extension
    • Balance & Stability
    • Kinematic sequence
    • Force @ SVDS
  • Brand-new content hosting and account platform. Your account will now sync directly with our new ALTO software.
  • Refreshed question list and images

The Details

1. Existing BT Certifieds: the updated course is totally free. Just update your account/reset your password, and let us know if you have any issues.

You will receive one year of complimentary Active Certified status, which will being on your NEW certification anniversary date. We will email you a reminder in advance. Active Certification is $75/year.

2. New Certifieds: This is the leading resource for everything you need to know about ground reaction forces, CoP, balance and the application to golf instruction. In addition to taking your knowledge to the next level, signing up gets you active status on our Active Certified Map, client referrals and product discounts.

There is also a free introductory course, which highlights the concepts and topics covered in our certification.

To get started, visit here.