Ground reaction forces are a pillar of golf instruction.

Learn to master them from the best in the business, and apply them tomorrow in your coaching.

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Golf Ground Mechanics Certification

The world’s leading education resource for ground reaction forces, balance and pressure in golf performance. Designed by the leading minds in golf.

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Comprehensive, clear and actionable. Engaging, short online videos that will make you an expert.

Designed to address the core biomechanics & concepts about how a golfer uses the ground – but also immediate ideas for application in golf instruction.

The video-based course is all online, and accredited by the major PGA associations.

THE BENEFITS: What you get with BODITRAK Certification


Thorough understanding of force/pressure trends and link with golf performance


Access to use the BODITRAK certification logos on all print and electronic media to advertise certification (includes customized logo)


Presence and contact information on our BODITRAK Certified Map (see below)


‘Active’ BODITRAK Certifieds have access to additional ongoing content as released (e.g. example lessons, webinars)


Continued access to BODITRAK GGM Certification core content and tests


Priority client referrals

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Learn from hours of high quality video content

Our certification has over 150 minutes of curated video content, covering the master concepts, glossary of key terms, a review of key biomechanics principles and immediate applications for your instruction business.

Intro & Master Concepts

  • Intro to GGM
  • Golf Swing: Master Concepts
  • Ground in the Golf Swing
  • Weight Shift vs. Pressure Shift
  • CoP Explained

Golf Performance

  • Sway
  • Slide
  • Over the Top
  • Early Extension
  • Reverse Pivot
  • Ground Mechanics & Different Shots
  • Irons & Drivers
  • Irons & Drivers Pt.2
  • Power Driving Trace
  • Short Game
  • Draws
  • Fades
  • High Shots
  • Low Shots
  • Lies: Sidehill

Vertical GRF

  • GRF Intro
  • GRF Analysis & Trends
  • Application to Golf Instruction
  • Force & SVDS / Club Head Speed
  • Force to Lead Side & Hip Turn

Drills & Lessons

  • Early Extension Drills
  • Reverse Spine Drills
  • Early Extension
  • Shot Shaping
  • Fade Shaping
  • Draw Shaping


  • Ground Reaction Force
  • Lead & Trail
  • Pressure & Pressure Map
  • Pressure Distribution Bars
  • CoP & CoP Trace
  • Trace Classification
  • Review of Linear Trace
  • CoP Displacement
  • CoP Velocity
  • Peak CoP Velocity
  • Balance
  • Base of Support
  • Stability
  • Balance & Stability in Golf

Short Game

  • Distance Wedges
  • Pitching
  • Chipping
  • Putting
  • CoP & Putting
  • Bunker Shots


  • Biomechanics & Golf Instruction
  • Connection with the Ground
  • Kinematic Sequence/Car Analogy
  • “Energy from the Ground”

Elevate your knowledge. Start learning today.

Use coupon code TPIGGM at checkout to save $100.

World-class instructors.

The course was designed and delivered by Mark Blackburn and Dr. Sasho MacKenzie, two of the leading minds in the industry. It brings world-class instruction to you in an engaging, easy format.

From master concepts to immediate applications, it was developed to help you advance your knowledge and deliver performance results.

Mark Blackburn

Mark is the founder of The Blackburn Golf Academy. Coaching multiple PGA Tour winners Mark is a Golf Digest 50 Best Teacher, Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher, TPI Advisory Board member and lead presenter.

He has developed a tour proven philosophy and coaching continuum for developing high performance around clear communication with a pragmatic approach depending on goals, physical performance capabilities and learning styles.

Mark has been one of the pioneers and industry thought leaders in applying ground mechanics to his daily coaching approach.

Dr. Sasho MacKenzie

Dr. MacKenzie, PhD is a professor in the Department of Human Kinetics at St. Francis Xavier University, and a world-renowned biomechanist. His research interests lie in the optimization of human movement with a strong emphasis on sport performance (both optimal sport movement patterns as well as training techniques).

He has conducted, presented, and published research on putting, shaft dynamics, 3D mechanics of the swing, shoe fitting, and the role of ground reaction force & center of pressure in the golf swing. His research projects & knowledge are the central building blocks of our education modules.

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Elevate your knowledge. Start learning today.

Use coupon code TPIGGM at checkout to save $100.


“The way it delivers the force & pressure insight is amazing – for medical as well as golf professionals. It allows professionals (fitness, medical and golf instructors) to make better and more informed decisions. I give them an A rating for content delivery and practical application.”

Lance Gill

“Throughout my career I’ve been through many certification programs. I can definitely say that BODITRAK’s was the best program so far. It was truly awesome.”

Brian Jung

PGA Canada Class A, TPI Golf 3

“I thoroughly enjoyed the certification & highly recommend. Mark & Sasho do a great job in explaining the complex world of ground mechanics simply. I picked up lots of really useful information that I’m able to implement into my training programs instantly.”

Oliver C.

“Going through the BODITRAK certification really opened my eyes to another way of measuring the golf swing.”

Aaron Olson

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I earn continuing education credits for the course?

PGA of America
If you have successfully completed the BODITRAK Golf Ground Mechanics certification program (progress shows as complete), then you are eligible for 2 MSR credits.
In order to redeem your MSR credits, please forward your contact information and proof of completion (your certificate) to Michelle Amigo at the PGA of America. Her email is

PGA UK Professionals will be credited with 10 CPD points by The PGA for successful completion/participation of this course.
PGA Professionals completing the online course will need to submit an external learning application form and a copy of their completion certificate to

When does the course start and finish?

By purchasing BODITRAK Golf Ground Mechanics, there are no restrictions on when you can start/finish the course, and the content you watch will not go away. We also add new content often, so check back in!

How long will I have access to the course?

After enrolling, you have unlimited access to the core course content for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own. We will continue to add sections and content as to keep GGM evergreen – that content is available to all who maintain their active certification ($75/year after the first year).

What happens if I do not pass the test?

We have a 75% correct answer rate to pass the test. You are welcome to re-take the test if things do not work out on the first pass. If you would like to have your test reset, please contact us at