Analyze, train and elevate from the ground up.

Portable force plates: out of the lab and onto the range, bunker or in your studio.

Full Swing

Short Game


Force & pressure analysis is a pillar of modern golf coaching.

From TOUR to club player, and full swing to putting, even slight adjustments yield big changes to performance.

Stay on the leading edge, and make performance changes that stick.

We are the industry leaders, and work with the best minds in golf performance.

We’ll give you a roadmap to elevate your coaching & scale your business.
Complimentary consultations
We help you make the most of your investment and elevate your performance coaching.
Accredited, applicable certification.
Become an expert through our certification course, designed by the leading minds in the industry.
Wireless, iOS software.
Full analysis capabilities and the ability to connect and communicate with your clients.


Wireless & IOS




Our online education & certification platform elevates your knowledge & turns data to insight.

Golf Ground Mechanics is your online, industry- leading education resource.

It is based on years of research by our advisors, and drives actionable knowledge to help you coach golf performance.

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Open any golf magazine or search the archives of any golf site and you’ll be likely to find a tip related to the importance of maintaining balance in the swing. After all, balance seems like a good thing in human movement, why wouldn’t it be a good thing...

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Performance Coaching, Anywhere

Wireless, iOS and a complete athlete management system – powered by Blast Connect.

Our DASH software is a video-based coaching application. Record, analyze and communicate in real time.

  • High speed video
  • Synced force & pressure data
  • Comprehensive annotation, comparison & lesson tools
  • Easy sharing & student communication


“I have gained immediate and quantifiable feedback from my BODITRAK because it allows me to visually see a more proper load to the trail leg, and in turn lets me more freely fire into the ball.”

Mike Weir

8 time PGA TOUR winner, including 2003 Masters Champion

“Love my BODITRAK. I’d take it over video as an instructor.”

Monte Scheinblum

Golf Performance Coach

“I use my BT all the time with my clients in the gym & golf academy. I have added 10 new clients with BODITRAK in 2 weeks. By offering specific assessments and then building it more into my instruction, it will pay for itself in 6 weeks. This has elevated my business faster than any other tool.”

Sean W. Saunders

PGA ACE-CPT, TPI Certified

“Not using a BODITRAK mat in your instructional program would be the equivalent of still carrying a flip phone.”

John Wease